Meet Fifteen Ruby Core Committers

We all know Yukihiro Matsumoto invented Ruby, but how many of the other people behind Ruby can you name? Judging from this photo taken just a few weeks ago at RubyKaigi 2013, the Ruby 2.0 release was a real team effort, with commits both from the people on stage in Tokyo and hundreds of other open source developers located around the world.

However, many of the most active developers behind the Ruby 2.0 release are Japanese, largely unknown to the Ruby world outside of Japan because of the language barrier. Recently I asked the Ruby 2.0 release manager, Yusuke Endoh, to send a few questions to the Ruby 2.0 committers located in Japan. I was curious who they were, what each of them worked on and what they’re like as people. Fourteen other developers replied to his survey; read on to take a look behind the language barrier and meet some of the people in Japan behind this year’s Ruby 2.0 release.

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