A High Level Code Walk Through Ruby MRI

Have you ever thought about taking at look at Ruby’s internal C source code, but weren’t quite sure where to get started? Well, this weekend Peter Cooper and I recorded a screencast that is just for you. We went on a tour through the MRI source code tree, and recorded it in a 33 minute screencast called: A High Level Code Walk Through Ruby MRI. We’ll give you a “lay of the land,” a sense of what is where inside the MRI C source code tree and suggest places to get started reading the C source code yourself.

Special thanks to Peter for taking time out of his busy schedule to record and edit the video, and for being such a big fan of my book, Ruby Under a Microscope! I’m sure you all know Peter as the editor of Ruby Inside and Ruby Weekly, but he’s also recorded a number of great screencasts. Just this June he produced the fantastic Ruby 1.9 Walkthrough, and earlier in February he did the fun Ruby Trick Shots piece. In fact, Peter’s new Kickstarter project, The Ruby 2.0 Walkthrough, was backed just last week - keep an eye out for that in the coming months! This is the first screencast I’ve ever done; having the chance to do it with Peter was a bit like stepping onto a tennis court for the first time and getting a private lesson from John McEnroe - or maybe Andy Murray would be a better analogy.

Let us know if you like this; if enough people are interested we may do some more screencasts on Ruby internals, diving into more detail that we had time for this week. Enjoy!